Initiation into Shamanic

Fully engage
on your Soul’s journey

The Origin of Shamanism

Shamanism, which dates back tens of thousands of years, is the oldest known spiritual practice. Although "shaman" is a Siberian term for a spiritual healer (a man or woman who uses their ability to see with their "third eye"), shamanism has been practised all over the world.

The fact that shamanism has not only survived but thrived all this time reveals a great deal about the effectiveness of the practice.

Shamanic practice

I won’t teach you to become a shaman (it is not a profession you choose but one to which you are destined) but I can guide you with shamanic practises that can be integrated into your daily life. This will help you to cultivate a healthy inner life and thereby enrich your external world (because the world reflects back to you, like a mirror, your inner state).

You will learn to honour your wisdom and intuition. You will discover that every living thing has a spirit, and that you are surrounded and supported by many caring and protective spirits. You will gradually transition from the path of ego (guided by our thoughts, fears, beliefs and social conditionings) to the way of the spirit (a life guided by your soul, full of meaning). You will begin to perceive your existence and the world with more peace, love and trust!

This is something we really need at a time when the very foundations of our existence are being tested. There is a clear invitation today to restore the sovereignty of our lives by filling it with more meaning. And shamanism is there to help you!

Shamanic practises are accessible to everyone and allow you to reconnect with your own deep nature and that of the universe. Everyone can learn the shamanic sciences and use them in their life to grow in consciousness, in love, in wonder, to move towards more fulfilment. It will empower you in your quest for life and enchant your world as you understand its magic!

My shamanic path

Having been engaged with Tibetan (Bönpo tradition) and Amerindian shamanism for around ten years, the practises I offer are as close as possible to these ancestral traditions.

Practical information

  • Times: The morning sessions take place once a month from 09:30 (9am welcome) to 13:30
  • Location: Junglinster, Luxembourg
  • Group size: limited to 6 people
  • Price: 95€/morning
  • Commitment to 8 mornings required (for progressive learning and to fit the various tools together that will empower you).

For more information or the dates of the next cycle of 8 mornings, do not hesitate to contact me.


During the 8 mornings, we cover (through a mix of theory & practice):

  • The origins of these traditions
  • The state of BEING of a shaman
  • The 3 worlds: the lower world, the middle world and the upper world
  • The shamanic journey: I will teach you to journey within the three worlds in order to make contact with the benevolent spirits in the invisible worlds and gain the information and awareness that will allow you to improve your life and ask for help in restoring the soul’s path as well as restoring balance.
  • The 3 sacred sciences: Science of the Bear, Science of the Snake, Science of the Eagle

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