Educational Kinesiology
/Brain Gym ®


Brain Gym® is an educational approach that aims to help people of all ages to develop their full potential, to transform their learning challenges into success and to explore and improve the way they learn.

It focuses on the potential of the person and tunes into the link between body movements and the brain functions involved in learning and perception. Edu-Kinesiology offers us 26 quick, simple and effective movements and activities to learn how to better use our senses and our abilities when they are ‘out of sync’ due to stress. We learn to reconnect our innate learning capacities to access our full potential.

The success of Brain Gym® can be attributed to the efficiency of its movements as well as its effectiveness in dealing with the physical skills involved in learning.

The technique calls upon the seven dimensions of intelligence in order to apprehend and defuse our blockages/sabotages by the application of techniques of a structural nature, personal ecology (way of life, food, habits), emotional (our stresses, our fears, our limitations) and energetic (the acupuncture meridian system).


The Brain Gym® learning program offers:

  • Rapid and often impressive improvements in reading, writing, mathematics and language skills
  • A profound improvement in the quality of the following skills: attention, concentration, relationships, communication, memorisation, organisation, sports performances, musical performances, creativity, etc.
  • Improvement in the aptitude for learning (used by younger children) which helps them to rediscover the pleasure of learning
  • A knowledge of what one physically needs to succeed ‘academically, professionally, in sport, or music’
  • More ease and joy for children with or without learning or behavioural difficulties
  • Better stress management during assessments
  • Clarification of our motivations
  • Help awaken the natural skills we have by giving ourselves back our freedom to move, learn, grow and succeed.

The Brain Gym learning program was developed over 30 years by Paul E. Dennison and his wife Gail through extensive research in areas including education, psychology, neurological and muscle function.