Ancestral Memories
or Transgenerational

« We define transgenerational as the psychic link between family members and their ancestors and forefathers, of direct or indirect lineage. These ancestors have experienced traumas that have often remained hidden but sometimes have been known about. In the first case, the traces of these traumas are carried by someone’s parent, buried in their unconscious. ».*

*Doctor Alberto Eiguer, Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst; President of the International Association for Couple and Family Psychoanalysis

An unconscious legacy

Ancestral memories can therefore be part of our heritage and can continue to live within us in the form of family norms, beliefs, rules, and principles that we impose upon ourselves, and which can unsettle our balance. Certain wounds that are too old, too painful or taboo can become secrets, things left unsaid or taboo subjects in the present.

By "memories" we mean inclinations, emotions and behaviours which are not directly related to the present, but which refer to a past event known or unknown to a person in the present.

Healing ancestral memory


The clairvoyant reading of a life of one of your ancestors can be indicated by your soul as one of the causes of a current problem that you are experiencing. We will therefore acknowledge the suffering of the ancestor, and help you understand how their experience affects yours today. Then we can begin healing the memories that the person carries in order to allow the deceased to continue their path towards a better, more welcoming space and to allow you to find improved alignment within your own existence.