Past Lives,
the childhood of our soul

papillons qui s'envolent d'un livre ouvert tenu dans les mains

“You are not here by accident or by some coincidence of nature. You are a spiritual being learning lessons of love in this earth school.”
Dr Brian Weiss

Reincarnation is increasingly accepted by psychology.

Several doctors, psychotherapists and therapists are now interested in past lives and the regression techniques that allow us to explore them, in order to shed light on our present life. Reincarnation itself has been the subject of research for several years by researchers who regard this theory as a serious hypothesis. Among these researchers, Dr Ian Stevenson and Dr Brian Weiss (eminent American psychiatrist) are certainly leaders in this area.

The impact of past lives upon our present

The latent yet active existence of residual memories from past lives can affect our mental, as well as physical, health. Recalling these memories under hypnosis or through clairvoyance in relation to a problem that we are experiencing, and understanding what they teach us about our present difficulty, can allow us to resolve or considerably alleviate many problems*: relationships, food, addictions, depression, anxieties, unexplained physical symptoms, fears or phobias, sleep disorders, lack of self-confidence, discomfort, blockages, life situations and repetitive patterns, etc. They can also be the source of unexplained gifts.

*Please note It is important to bear in mind that each symptom originating from a psychic influence is not necessarily the manifestation of an event that occurred in a previous life, and can have different causes. Anyone seeking a possible explanation, or even an answer, to a health problem through this method should in no case stop any medical treatment they are following.

Healing the memories of previous lives

The therapeutic goal of working on past lives consists of highlighting the processes, programs and limiting beliefs that govern some of our actions, in order to recognise, understand, and ultimately, to free ourselves from them in order to reconnect with and flourish upon our life’s true path. By working on the causes of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves, we avoid continuing to attract uncomfortable, painful or toxic situations.

This therapy is comparable to a liberating psychoanalysis** - through which it is possible to become aware of a "past" influence on a symptom or a present difficulty, the manifestation of which is the expression of a blockage of the subconscious linked to an experience lived in one or more previous lives.
The mind can liberate itself according to a principle comparable to psychoanalysis, resulting in a form of relief through psychosomatic bodily repercussions.

As we cannot change the past, this approach offers us the opportunity to modify the way we look at conflicting situations or painful events we have experienced, so as not to have to carry the heavy baggage of the past which impacts upon our present.

**Source : Patrick Drouot, 'Des Vies Antérieures aux Vies Futures' ('From Past Lives to Future Lives') 

In my practice

As part of a wider session with me, I carry out a clairvoyant reading of one or more past lives. I call this a reading because your body will bring to light for me the life or lives which are at the precise origin of your troubles, should your troubles have their origin in a past life*.

A past life will never be brought to light by your body (or your child’s) if you are not ready to let go of the consequences you are still experiencing today. This gentle approach brings great relief to those who consciously experience it. 

Not being trained in hypnosis, my approach is based on my “gift” to read in detail past lives that are still impacting your present life. This allows me to help babies and small children for whom hypnosis is not possible.

« From home to home
The magic of life continues.
The soul travels, learns.
Takes shape, returns to the heavens.
Infinite spiral returns to the Source...
Divine metamorphosis
Orchestrated, calculated.
At the whim of vitality
The impulse of reality
Suiting desire and need
As the heart conceives…
Suddenly understood,
In this return to Childhood,
Of purity, of joy, of truth,
Renewing continuously.
The shining, joyous destiny
Of those souls, migratory.
Serenity and certainty,
Abundant in autonomy,
The pinnacle of liberty,
In all.
Bestowed by the Skies