The Song of my Soul

Little by little I rediscovered the song of my soul (my own ‘note’) thanks to the birth of my three children, each of whom, in their own way, guided me and gave me clues on my treasure hunt to find the real me. The paths they took towards their own births gradually led me to my own rebirth.

From an early age I perceived many things that those around me did not understand, which gave me a feeling of loneliness. Nestled within a very loving but very left-brained family, I tried and successfully became as much like them as possible. But that meant denying an essential part of myself…

My first daughter, the start of my journey home.

My first daughter was the first to show me the way ‘home’. I, who believed that carrying life and giving birth would be so easy, was quickly disillusioned. Through the threat of premature delivery, she made me take a break from my 1000 km/h lifestyle and make me ask myself essential, existential questions. The delivery was long and difficult. I didn't feel anything because of the heavy epidural and when she was born, she was looking at the stars. There followed sleepless nights that lasted almost four years. Consultations with different therapists revealed to us her an acute sensitivity  which resonated with me and awakened the forgotten memory of my own sensitivity. To help my daughter, I had to dig deep to unearth what I had buried and come to terms with it. My career change began six months after her birth with the start of a course in Kinesiology and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which was to last four years.

Communicating in utero with my second daughter

Pregnant with my second daughter, I was lucky enough to be supported by a midwife who could  communicate with babies in utero.

An extraordinary new world opened up to me! The inner world of the soul and the personality of the baby in utero. My daughter, by sharing with me her difficulties and questions, fears and doubts, present and past experiences, but also her joys, hopes and aspirations… allowed me to really get to know her.

And through this work in resonance, I awoke my own divine nature and Life’s calling! No contractions, fairly tranquil pregnancy and she was born in breech (I was a breech baby born by caesarean section), by Hypnobirthing. Her birth was my physical rebirth to this world, I now knew what I wanted to embody and manifest. With babies as my guides!

You will find below a short video of an experience with her that made me focus fully on this remarkable and fascinating world!

I equipped myself to specialise in everything that would support and harmonise a pregnancy, and learned how to listen to a baby-to-be…

The third: a conscious birth

My third baby arrived in full consciousness, and he is, I have to say, partly a result of this journey. The pregnancy was fulfilling and the birth, swift… With his laughing eyes wide open and a smile showing off his beautiful face singing “I’m heeere!”. As if to say to me, “Mama, now sing your life”.

He was clearly connected to the song of his soul!

Today, co-creator of meaningful connections, liberator of memories and limiting beliefs, translator of the soul, my role consists in letting myself be guided by the inner wisdom of people's souls in order to help them hear the song of their Soul to better dance their Life!

Signature Candice Braas


My ethics and terms of work

Terms and pricing

  • Adult sessions last an average of 1h30 and you are charged €110/session.
  • Sessions for babies and children last an average of 1 hour and you are charged €90/session.
  • Remote energy treatments cost €90/treatment
  • Make your appointment preferably through this website or over the phone on (+352) 621 419 663.
  • Payment can be made by cash on the day or by bank transfer prior to the session.
  • If you are unable to attend, I would be grateful if you could notify me 48 hours in advance. Any session not cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment will be owed and duly invoiced.

Ethics and Deontology

  • My practice falls under the legal framework of well-being and personal development. Each client therefore comes to a session in good faith and conscience, knowing that in no way do these sessions replace medical monitoring or pharmaceutical treatment.
  • I am subject to professional secrecy, which allows me to assure the confidentiality of consultations.
  • I have different skills and abilities in my toolkit that allow me to support the client in a holistic way. Therefore, the content of a session is not limited to the tools of kinesiology. My practice is free from judgement, filled with compassion and is done with the greatest possible objectivity, integrity and reserve. I will not establish any medical diagnosis.
  • It is essential to me that my clients leave a session more autonomous than on arrival. I insist on this point, I can only share with you my perceptions, my feelings and points of view; it will be your responsibility to show discernment and to retain session content, which will allow you to grow in consciousness, in love and to move forward towards inner peace and happiness.
  • I agree to respect my personal and professional limits and to use only the skills that I possess. In the event that the circumstances exceed my abilities, I will redirect you to medical, paramedical or other relevant services.
  • I am committed to working with total respect for who you are, your values, your beliefs and your convictions (cultural, social, religious, philosophical, etc.).
  • Well-being and healing are, above all, a personal process. We can find the keys together, but it will be up to you to open the doors.

My training

Member of, and certified by, the Belgian Federation of Kinesiology

Institut Belge de Kinésiologie / Institut Namurois de Kinésiologie Spécialisée / Institut de formation en Kinésiologie Spécialisée Liège / Institut Cursus K / Institut Ressources

  • Perinatal Kinesiology © / La Parole au Bébé ©
  • Soul Conversations (Communication Connectée ©) / Individual or group trainer
  • Chakra Kinesiology : Chakra presence & Chakra Naissance (today called  “Plexus Nerveux”)
  • Essentialis Kinesiology (now called “Rééducation Quantique”)
  • Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym Consultant
  • Health Kinesiology: Touch for Health I-V
  • Emotional Kinesiology: One Brain, 3 in 1 Concepts I-V
  • Past Lives Therapy
  • Chi MitySaï / Practitioner and Instructor
  • Flux Diamant
  • Shamanism / Practitioner and Facilitator
  • Teacher: Train-the-trainer
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming :Master Practitioner

And also...

Institute of Administration and Business Management (IAG), Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium

Bachelor in Management