To be born to oneself

Welcome to the space
where we learn to give birth with our Heart.

I invite you to discover a wonderful adventure, about which many are unaware. One in which Love and a bond with the soul of an unborn baby carry us and serve as our guide.

A path of (re)birth to oneself, where we learn to welcome our babies as they were created by the Source, in their purity of true Love, without loss of identity along the way.

To meet them as they truly are
and not as we imagine them,
From the start, tuning into
The Song of their Soul.

The Hourglass Turns

The Heart womb

Pre-conception / In utero

During motherhood (with or without infertility) we are invited to rise and meet our unborn child and welcome them in true Love, with no expectations.

I call this meeting space the heart womb.

It is a timeless space where several beings will learn to co-birth.

This is a transitional space accompanying your baby's gestation, a "portal" between two worlds that allows the soul of the developing baby to remain as connected and aligned as possible with their pre-incarnation state (where they are in harmony with the song of their soul, their original vibration) until their birth.

It also allows the developing baby to quickly forge bonds with their parents, to feel supported, heard and consciously accompanied in who they are and will become on many levels (physically, psychologically and spiritually).

The baby thus anchors their unique ‘note’ to arrive on Earth truly loved and energised, ready to enter life.

Through this new state of being, she experiences major changes in her life, her body, her partnership, her relationships, her psychic life, which we can support and harmonise. We can also explain this experience to the baby who absorbs everything yet does not yet have the keys to understanding how to live it peacefully.

Through this work in resonance, they awaken to their own deep nature and gradually reconnect with what makes them vibrate, to the song of their own soul.

As the months go by, together we create and nurture this space of emotional and spiritual evolution. We release any blockages (memories, limiting thoughts or beliefs) in order to move towards an incarnation as light and smooth as possible, whilst also creating flourishing connections for Life.

A.R.T. From fear to Love.

The path to ART (assisted reproductive technology) can be long and challenging; keeping strength and faith can become a physical and emotional rollercoaster.

On this path strewn with apparent or invisible pitfalls, there is, however, an adventure about which many are unaware, one in which Love and a connection with the Soul of the baby-to-be carries us and serves as a guide towards a harmonious arrival together. Because the key is together, and not each individual on their own, alone and isolated.

Through accompanying couples with infertility who have embarked on the IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) journey, the babies-to-be have offered me a different perspective on the process they are going through, which deeply enriched my experience. They opened the vibratory doors of the laboratories and showed me the subtle reality of the process surrounding them. They shared with me their path to their parents, and how we can support them to get to their “home away from home”.


I extend my deepest gratitude to all those babies and parents who placed their trust in me along the journey.