Giving voice to your baby, child,
or individual without or no longer having the use of speech

« Speaking the truth to your baby from conception in order to support their psycho-emotional development and language learning is now obvious to everyone, thanks to paediatrician and psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto.


She communicated the concept of the child as a whole person, and also asserted that it is important for parents to benefit from professional support. She believed that the newborn baby aspires to communicate, and that their desires, independent of those of an adult, are also worth respecting. And therefore, that learning to listen to them is fundamental !


Dolto shares this deep conviction that the baby is, from conception, a fully-fledged individual with his or her own physical, emotional and spiritual needs who feels things deeply, needs to express what they are experiencing and to be in a relationship with their parents.


The idea is to tune into the babies’ inner wisdom, to better understand them and allow them to express their needs more precisely, and therefore allow parents to fine-tune their parenting and adequately support their development.

This approach is not limited to giving a voice to babies. It is also possible to give voice to the soul of the future baby before it is conceived or to born children who do not yet know how to fully express their feelings and their deep emotions. Or likewise to people suffering from speech disorders or having lost their use of speech (for example a person at the end of life, in a coma, or with autism or a disability).

Crying, changes in behaviour, or the appearance of physical symptoms* in a baby (even in utero) or a child may be due to, for example, the expression of a message that they need to share, a question with which they are preoccupied, an emotion needing communication, a need not comprehended, or a memory or belief from the past (from present life, a previous life their soul has experienced or inherited from an ancestor) which affects them today. Releasing the difficult memory and the psychosomatic stress that accompanies it allows the baby/child to return to the present moment and access a balance that generates a form of relief (physical, psychological...)

This approach also helps give voice to the baby's soul in pre-conception or after a miscarriage or the premature loss of a baby. The soul may sometimes have things to share about its experience and can also be supported in many ways.

However, giving a voice to your baby/child can also be a way to communicate at any time of the day! Just like we would do with an older child who knows how to talk and who would like to share their feelings about their day with us or ask questions !

* Each symptom coming from a psychic origin can have different causes which are sometimes interdependent. Likewise, any person seeking a possible explanation, or even an answer, to a health problem through these means must in no case consider that this replaces a medical consultation with a competent doctor and must in no case stop their medical treatment without the latter's opinion.


  • SELF-TEACHING (in French) : using the book “J’ai tant de choses à dire, apprenez la Communication Connectée avec votre enfant" by Hélène Gérin and Fréderic Laloux. It is written to allow you to learn independently, at your own pace. Discover also the testimonies of 60 families in "Ton Coeur me parle et j'ai appris à l'écouter" and how through Soul Conversations® (Communication Connectée®) they learned to listen to their babies (and children with complex needs) and how their daily life has often been positively transformed.
    The website also offers many resources to support you in your learning path.
  • WITH ME (or another trainer) : if you want a little help, get stuck at any point, or want to become fully trained,  if you have questions or hesitations, I can support you, discuss your situation or practice together so that you leave autonomous and confident. I offer individual training at an hourly rate and two-day group training sessions. Please see the section

Video: How does Soul Conversations® (Communication Connectée®) work?

In a session with me through a kinesiology technique called muscle testing, to help shed light on a problem that you do not understand or that you cannot resolve on your own. I have various strings to my bow including Perinatal Kinesiology and “Parole au Bébé®”* (P.A.B) by Brigitte Denis
* Brigitte Denis, in her book "La Parole au Bébé" (meaning 'The Baby's Voice) illustrates what babies might want to say during a session