Life between lives

papillon qui se pose sur l'épaule d'une femme de dos avec rayons de soleil

The life between lives: the indivisible link between our multiple incarnations, a significant step and an essential journey of the soul. Between the death of the physical body and the next incarnation, the phases of this journey are numerous and far from inactive.

Illuminate your life path

Aside from raising awareness and taking stock of our past life, making sense of our challenges and understanding the meaning of our actions on earth, we can, for example, also learn lessons, undertake work upon ourselves, have encounters, choose to serve or accomplish missions. It is a very rich period in which we prepare our Soul for its continuing adventure.

When the client's Soul requests it as part of a global session, a more specific highlight of this space between two lives will be revealed (via a specific clairvoyant reading) in order to illuminate the person’s life path.