Le Flux Diamant,
Love heals

mains qui se tiennent et forment un coeur par lequel passe un rayon de soleil

"Le Flux Diamant is a state where the individual, freed from his mind, then experiences their Essence, Inner Silence, and Grace."

Pure, Unconditional Love is a force beyond energy, operating and acting far beyond vibration, on the quantum space. Creation being essentially composed of emptiness, the use of this conscious force makes it possible to act on the obvious cause and root of our sufferings.

Through this method, you will learn to feel and become aware of this force. You will discover that it has always been there within you, silent. You will learn how to channel it and benefit from it on a daily basis. And to surrender to the flow of life with Love and compassion.

Let us welcome without judgement and live the experience of Love with Life and ourselves. We are who we are, here and now.

Of all the paths I have travelled in spirituality, healing approaches... none has been as strong, liberating and authentic as that of the Flux Diamant created by Guillaume Kremmel.