Training in Soul Conversations©
(Communication Connectée©)

Learning to communicate with your baby before his or her speech develops helps you to understand what he or she is experiencing. This is what Soul Conversations© (Communication Connectée©) offers ❤

Giving babies a voice

Until not so long ago, adults were only really interested in communicating with toddlers from the age of two or three, when they began to talk.

More recently, the idea has gained ground that babies are fully-fledged beings from birth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Talking to your baby has since become natural for many parents. A revolution! But what if the next step, in addition to us talking to them, was to let them speak so we could listen?

Then our babies could tell us what they are experiencing, even from conception... We could then better understand them from birth and offer them a space in which they could fully be themselves.

Giving voice to those without, or no longer having, the use of speech

This approach also makes it possible to give a voice to people suffering from speech disorders or without/no longer having the use of speech (for example a person at the end of life, in a coma, with autism or with a disability).


Through Books

The book in French “J’ai tant de choses à dire, apprenez la Communication Connectée avec votre enfant” by Hélène Gérin and Frédérique Laloux is written to allow you to learn independently, at your own pace. Published by Souffle d'Or, the book is available in book shops, or you can order it directly from the publishers or via amazon.

Discover the testimonies of 60 families in “Ton Coeur me parle et j'ai appris à l'écouter” and how through Soul Conversations© (Communication Connectée©) they learned to listen to their babies (and children with complex needs) and how their daily life has often been positively transformed.

The website will also provide you with many resources to support your learning.

These two books are currently only available in French.

Group Training Sessions

Group training sessions are regularly organised all over Europe, in several languages and even online now. For more information or the dates of the next training session in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to contact me.

2-day training

Price: 240 Euros (340 € for a couple)

Private coaching

If you learn more effectively on a one-to-one basis, I can also offer individual support and adapt to your individual preferences and needs. Do not hesitate to contact myself or a trainer of your choice.


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